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So I’ve officially lived in Austin Texas now for 5 months and the only thing on my mind has been College Roadhouse ATX. Now, from what I could see on Instagram, this isn’t a place you go to alone. I am sure they would serve you and show you a great time, but this experience is best served with friends.

Photos Below!!!

When you first pull in to the parking lot of College Roadhouse, you look around and see how multicultural the area is. There is a Mexican Video store to the left and a place you can get your Weave done and purchase hair to the right, but as soon as you step your foot into the doors, you immediately teleport to Korea! The ambiance is filled with what you’d assume is a hip Korean restaurant. There is a stage for karaoke and K-pop singing on all the TV screens. I felt like I was in a Psy Gangnam Style music video with the neon and the fun crowd. It was a great vibe.

Since I am starting my new review scale (read more here) skip to the bottom of this article to view.

So I finally found someone I like to enjoy food with and Kara seems to be a little adventurous. At least this night she was. Our server was very happy and bubbly but she was also a great sales person. She knew it was our first time there and she sold us on all the top sellers. These were large portions. But there were no limits for this meal and price wasn’t an issue because I knew I wanted to indulge.

Our three dishes were:

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries – I never knew what Bulgogi was and I felt lame using google to find out it was Korean style Beef. Nonetheless, it was it was good and the fries were deep fried with a nice crunchy finish. Enough to get you full for only $10.

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries College Roadhouse ATX

Korean Fried Chicken Wings – These wings are tossed in battered and twice fried topped with the sauce of your choice and sesame seed. The portion for the price was just right at $9 for 5 piece.

Stir Fried Pork Belly & Octopus – Remember when I mentioned that Kara was being adventurous? I was referring to the cute little octopus tentacles you can see below. I haven’t had octopus in a long time but like I said on my Instagram story… When in Rome! This was a huge portion, we were both able to take extras home and one server kept coming by to see if we wanted to add rice. I wasn’t sure if we should or shouldn’t. Next time I will be sure to add rice or noodle. Please excuse the mess, remember this is ATX FOODBEAST blog, it’s not meant to be nice and proper.

Stir Fried Pork Belly & Octopus with Rice Cakes and Veggies

So the food was pretty dang heavy and tasty. I’m not the biggest Korean foodie so I don’t have much to compare to, however, the highlight of the evening was the Soju tasting. John, I believe is either the owner or manager, came and sat down with us with a few bottles of Soju. Kara and I have never heard of Soju but he did teach us so much about it. It is similar to Sake but in my opinion it is much smoother. Apparently in Korea, the nightlife scene preferred flavored spirits and they started producing all sorts of flavored Soju. If you are a big Soju connoisseur, John did mention he will be releasing his fall flavor in a few months. And we got to try it… let me tell you it taste like desert and something I could see creeping up on me.

Overall experience – 4.5/5

Service – It was excellent. The young servers were busy non stop by they all tended to pop in and take care of us. We never had to ask for refills and the Soju kept coming when John would walk by.

Ambiance – Cool and unique to Texas. You wont find anything with an atmosphere like this within 1000 miles. Maybe L.A. or New York, but it’s highly unlikely.

Presentation – Just look at my photos, even with the gritty photography the food still looks appealing. Hearty and Neat.

Taste – The flavors were all there. The wings were cooked well. Me personally I should have gone with the sweeter sauce but I went with spicy. There is always a next time.

Price – If you read below, you can see more of why I gave this a 4.5/5 star. The plates are pricey for a few of the popular plates. Maybe it is the demand or maybe it something about how the prep the food and why they cant offer smaller portions. It’s not my restaurant to say.

Reason for the 4.5 star is because I fell there are things on the menu that can smaller portions and better prices. I really wanted to try the Military Hot Pot and the Stir Fried Pork Belly & Octopus, but for both entree’s it would have cost me $62 alone. Although you will have left overs for a few days, not everyone wants that.

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