Must Try Authentic China Family Restaurant in Austin Texas


Located just north of downtown Austin Texas, lies a gem of a restaurant called China Family. It is located at 6801 Airport Blvd, Austin Texas 78752.

When you first step into the doors of China Family restaurant, you feel just that, part of the family. There were many smiling faces enjoying food and beer. The interior of the restaurant along with the menu feels like it came straight from China and you are greeted with a smell of fresh Chinese food. And this actually smells good (no Panda Express here).

I was greeted by the owner, Sonny, who lights up the room with his generosity and kindness. I was introduced to some of the staff and one of the artist that is currently painting a mural near the entrance of the restaurant. I have since went back from my initial visit and he worked on picture worthy murals on the interior and exterior.

Lets get into the Food!!!

Eating Chinese Family style in Austin

So, first thing is first. The menu! They are working on redoing the menu but currently there is a Newbee menu and a Foodie menu. I’ve seen plenty of other people rave about these dishes. The main difference is, what we see as normal Chinese food (Newbee Menu) vs. Authentic Chinese food (Foodie Menu).

Some of the Newbee dishes and Foodie dishes available
Awesome wooden menu with Drink Menu

Some of the items on the Foodie menu are dishes you have never tried before like the steamed pork belly and fish in red chili oil soup pictured above. These items are not of the norm for many Americans but once you try them you will instantly be sent into a day dream of being in China. I was fortunate enough to try the fish soup and let me say….. ADDICTING!!! It is a must try when visiting China Family. Now these dishes range in price but can feed more than 1 person so the prices are definitely fair. Interested in what my Favorite dish was? Read more below.

Fish in Red Chili Oil Soup 5 Star!
Crispy Green beans with Chinese herbs and Spices
Can you say Meat and Onion!!! yummmm

Best Dish Award so far…

Eggplant Asian Style (Don’t know the name just ask for Eggplant)

I’ve had steamed eggplant, fried eggplant, grilled eggplant, and basically all kinds of eggplant but I have not experienced it like this. I don’t know how they prepare it and they wouldn’t tell me. All they would tell me is I wouldn’t find eggplant like this. I do feel that it was deep fried and then sauteed in their special sauce. This is a recommendation and I endorse it 100%! This plate is great for sharing with your family and tell them ATXFOODBEAST recommended it!

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