Rating Scale Explained

A lot of people today view Instagram as a way to market and network. With that mentality, a lot of people are taking advantage of only posting good experiences. Which is fine, but it creates a false narrative. My goal is to leave you with an unbiased review. Trust me, I try to be a positive person but just like politics today, there is a far right and far left. If you visit my Yelp profile, you will see my reviews are not all 1 star or 5 star. That’s just lazy and unfair if they were. So lets get into my break down.

I rate facilities based on 5 criterion. 1 per star. If they lack in one of these five areas, they lose a star. All locations start with 5 stars as I go down my check list.

  • Service – First impressions are a must. It sets the tone for your whole meal. If the server is having a bad day I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt but if they are tentative and polite, simple star for them!
  • Ambiance – Not every place is pretty. And this has to be said. They can have the best food in the world but I wouldn’t want to risk my life in a sketchy neighborhood just for food. This one isn’t very hard to get a star either but if the ambiance is bland and basic, you may get one star knocked off.
  • Presentation – Austin is a very Instagram trendy city. Many start ups come from Austin and everyone is taking photos with murals and colorful treats. Presentation is a must in this city so depending on how well the food is platted will determine the star.
  • Taste – Obviously to me this is the biggest and most important thing when it comes to reviewing food and restaurants. If its lacking flavor, I could care less how pretty it is. Just because something looks good and the place is trending on your feed, doesn’t mean it’s a good restaurant. Remember that!
  • Price – Food is getting expensive. For me, I average about $12 per plate for myself. So plus or minus depending on the location. This one isn’t as important when rating food because of course i’d like to pay $10 for a $100 steak. Who wouldn’t?

Overall, my goal is to treat every location the same and build relationships with the companies and employees. I don’t write things to tarnish reputations but to bring light to an issue that may need to be addressed. You don’t like it, message me and lets discuss it. I’m not afraid to talk and hope to have great dialogue with everyone. I hope this gives you some insite to my process and hope you invite me to eat at your location or to eat with you someday.

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