Rollin’ Smoke BBQ Food Truck – East 6th St. Austin Texas

Getting to try the “Playboy” for the first time at Rollin’ Smoke Austin, TX.

If you are a BBQ aficionado, Rollin’ Smoke is a must try in the 512. It’s situated on East 6th street about one mile east of the 35 freeway. This part of the town is what people call “gentrified” so there is a lot of culture surrounding the food truck. Many of the buildings have graffiti on them and there are nice restaurants and dive bars across the street.

Less on the area more on the food.

Rollin smoke just upgraded their food truck and quality by adding a top of the line BBQ smoker. The way the meat is charred and cooked to perfection leaves a moist center with the right amount of flavor and spice.

The new Smoker behind the main food truck. Rollin’ Smoke BBQ

What We Had to Eat!

The top two sandwiches I would recommend when stopping by rollin smoke is “the playboy” and the “brisket sandwich”.

The playboy is a double layered meat mountain that includes brisket and smoked sausage. This sandwich features their housemade BBQ sauce. I don’t even dare to ask what’s in the sauce because once I know that info, I might get killed. (Just Kidding)

See more of the Playboy by clicking the photo and viewing Instagram

The brisket sandwich is a classic. But this sandwich has a nice soft bread and includes another house made BBQ sauce. Make sure to ask for the house made bulliet bourbon bbq sauce. Let them know that the atxfoodbeast told you. This sauce also mixes well with their sides.

View the rest of their menu on Yelp here!

For sides, I got to try the Mac n Cheese as well as the home made potato salad and spicy coleslaw. I’m not a huge fan of coleslaw but when you add a little zest to it, makes for a perfect side. I was getting full so I didn’t get to enjoy the potato salad and Mac n cheese as much as I’d like but I’m sure they were just as good.

The man behind the counter is very helpful and knows these dishes inside and out. If you have questions make sure to ask for Evan and he will get you all taken care of.

Do you have a BBQ sandwich location in the Austin City Limits you think I should try? Make sure to comment on this post or on my Instagram so I can compare.

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Additional Seating and Locations:

1501 E. 6th St. Austin, TX 78702

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